Online Study Materials

OISC/Law Society Online Study Materials

If you’re too busy to attend a course, but would still like to benefit from our immigration training, we offer a number of our OISC and Law Society course/study materials online. Our online course materials are delivered electronically by email. You also have the benefit of practice questions.

These materials are also suitable for international students who are interested in setting up an immigration practice in their home country to provide UK immigration advice and services to visitors and migrants to the UK. 

Available Materials:

British Nationality Law

EU Settlement Scheme

Immigration Rules

Managed Migration

Asylum and Human Rights

Law of Appeals

Deportation and Administrative Removal

Detention, Temporary Release and Bail

Criminal Offences

To order the available materials – £50 per topic – please call 020 8252 8458 or email Please indicate which material you want. You can also use the Paypal button below: